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WiRES-X Access Instructions 

Tune to the WA1WCC repeater frequency. Activate WiRES-X mode on your FT3Dr by pressing the red "X" button on left front of the radio.  Once logged in, the display will show the current active room.  The repeater default room is "Cape Cod".  If you wish to change rooms, touch "SEARCH & DIRECT" on the display. On the next screen touch "ALL". This will result in a listing of available rooms beginning with the most populated room. Scroll through the room using the control knob on the top right of the radio. Highlight the name of the room you wish to connect to and touch the name on the screen.


When finished please disconnect the room by pressing and holding the "BAND"

button.  Once disconnected, the repeater will automatically connect to the Cape Cod Room.


For more detailed instructions please refer to the online user manual. We hope you enjoy the repeater.  

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