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WiRES-X Access Instructions 

Tune to the WA1WCC repeater frequency. Activate WiRES-X mode on your transceiver by pressing and holding the orange D/X button on the left front of the radio.  Once logged in, the display will show the current active room.  The repeater default room is "Cape Cod".  If you wish to change rooms, press the downward pointing button in the middle of the screen,  this will open a new screen. Press the word "ALL" at the bottom of the screen, which will highlight the word "ALL".  Once highlighted, press "ALL" again.  This will download a list of rooms, starting at the room with the most number of stations/nodes logged in. Scroll down to select the room you want to log in and press it twice. Once logged in to the room, press the "BACK" button at the bottom left of the screen to exit back to the home screen. You are now logged into the room and ready to listen or have a QSO. 


Please note: the system downloads a list of 20 rooms at a time.  If you want to see the next 20 rooms, continue scrolling down with the top right knob. This will initiate the download of another 20 rooms.  Hit the "BACK" button to escape all the way out to the home screen.


When finished using the repeater, please press the " * " button to disconnect. The repeater will automatically log back in to the Cape Cod room after 30 seconds.


If you know a specific room ID number, you can log in directly by pressing  #xxxxx# with the x's being the room number. For the first # entry, press and hold until you hear a beep. Then enter the room number followed by the #. 


Be aware if there is someone talking, any command you enter will be delayed until there is no one speaking. It is possible the command may timeout due to room activity - simply re-enter the command.


You may disconnect from the WiRES-X mode by pressing and holding the orange "D/X" button. . 

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